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Trunki, BoostApak & Accessories

Family holidays just got even more exciting! This is an amazing product that my kids have road tested for me! It really is great and is such a fantastic help on long trips through airports when your kids are tired and just can't walk anymore, they are also the perfect size for a "sleep over" bag. Honestly this is one of the best gifts ever!

Trunki is Luggage For Little People! Trunki is the worlds first ride-on suitcase especially for globetrotting tots! . For more information about this awesome product go to www.trunki.co.uk

Traveling with kids just got a whole lot easier.....


Trunki makes travelling even more exciting for children, less stressful for parents in a fun, practical and safe way. Trunki are fantastic childrens suitcases which they can actually ride on!!! Trunki's light weight and durable design is hand luggage approved, with generous space inside for boredom busting activities it's the ultimate kiddies travel companion. Trunki's innovative design allows it to be sat on, ridden and pulled along, or adults can carry it with the handle or the shoulder strap. It is 20cm x 46cm x 31cm, and holds a masive 18 litre capacity.

Towgo New Features: - Carry Handle, Locking Catches, Teddybear seatbelts, Internal Pouch.

Quality: Trunki is made from the same material as adult suitcases so it is very durable and can easily be ridden on by TWO TODDLERS! Trunki also has a fun furry texture to keep it looking new for longer.
Saddle: The saddle is made from soft rubber making it comfortable to sit and ride on - ideal when stuck in long queues at airports!!.
Horn grips: The horn grips provide a simple way to hold on and steer the trunki.
Stabilisers: Stabilisers at the front and back prevent over excited toddlers from falling off.
Towing strap: Feel like walking? Take your trunki for a walk or tow your child - could not be easier!
Identification Label: Trunki is hot property so an ID label has been put on to lable with your name.
Secure: Trunki is fitted with a secure catch and a locking catch to keep all possessions safe and secure.
Luggage: Towgo has Teddybear seatbelts inside. The luggage compartment is a generous 18L capacity. Best of all these are small enough to fit into the hand luggage so can keep the kids amused right up until they sit down on the plane!!!
Protective rubber rim: Trunki is fitted with a rubber rim to keep little fingers safe.
Weight: Trunki is only 3.8lbs so very light!

Check out Trunki's on You Tube

Please check it out at this link and see what you can do.(PDF file)

Trunki Tipu (Limited Edition)

Tipu has great specifications you would expect on any premium adult suitcase plus a few more such as:

  • Teddy bear seat belts (internal straps)
  • Locking catches
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Carry Handles
  • Bits & Bobs storage pocket

Tipu the tiger Trunki weighs in at 1.7kg when empty and has a capacity of 18 litres. As with all the Trunki range Tipu is the correct size to be taken on board any airline as hand luggage, which makes it great for the kids to keep all their favourite things in it and at hand throughout the journey. The dimensions are 46cm x 20cm x 32cm.

Trunki now also contain a secret compartment inside, an id label, internal pouch and two carry handles - add to this the fact that Tipu Trunki has been designed to be sat on, pulled along, riden on, tugged around and thrown over the shoulder, any self respecting child simply wouldn’t travel without one - and nor should you let them !!

Price: $99.00

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Trunki Bernard Bee (Limited Edition)

For more information on this exciting product click on this link:

Price: $99.00

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Trunki Harley Ladybug (Limited Edition)

For more information on this exciting product click on this link:

Price: $99.00

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Trunki Freddie the Fire Engine (Limited Edition)

From towering infernos to the ultimate pet/tree cat-tastrophe, with the unflappable Freddie at his side your little hero can calm any crisis.
Complete with helmet and axe, no adventure will be too big or too small! Freddie comes in the cheeriest of fire engine reds, with yellow and blue stripes, complete with silver detailing. His straps and wheels are midnight black and don’t forget his glittery blue headlamp horns!
For more information on this exciting product click on this link:

Price: $99.00

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Trunki Trixie Pink

For more information on this exciting product click on this link:

Price: $79.00

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Trunki Terrence Blue

For more information on this exciting product click on this link:

Price: $79.00